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Raise $50,000 To Set Up Dogs Have Rights Canine Centre

Dogs Have Rights may be small outfit, but Chetz would like to do more. And in order for that to happen your help is needed to raise $50,000 by May 31st 2010. As they say, it takes a village. I (Aneesa Alphonsus) appeal to your compassion to help make her aspiration a reality. I know that we can make it happen. Thank you.

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This is Memphis in his crate. Sometimes he would go in and stay inside there even I didn't ask him to.

I noticed that if I'm doing some work like mopping or cleaning the bowl, he would stay inside the crate, but if I'm sitting down at my table doing work on the computer, then only he comes out and lie down next to me.

This is because if I'm occupied I can't save him from Gabriel who likes to follow him and disturbs him. If I'm nearby, I'd stop Gabriel.

So, his crate is his safe and secure place for him. I notice with my other dogs too. When there was raining heavily with thunder outside, they all went inside their crates.

It's good if you can also have a place for your dog to go where he knows that's his place. It established you as a pack leader also because you determine where his place should be.

So, does your dog have his place?

For more information on dog training, go to http://www.chetztogom.com.

In Palo Alto, US, police dogs wear bullet proof vest to protect the dog. Here in Malaysia, the police (authority) might shoot a dog. I heard a story about Munical Council officers in one of the states shot stray dogs to reduce the number of strays in the area.

Read more about this Palo Alto Police dog here
Honestly, I don't know what to put as the title for this post. But I want to get this out fast because I'm so excited about this.

Buy these AWESOME Pet Shampoos from me and you'll also helping me setting up my DHR Canine Centre!

Yu group

Bubble Rice group

A percentage of the profit will go to the fund to setup DHR Canine Centre.

Yes, for some, the price is a bit high compared to most other pet shampoos. But I urge you to try it as you can see the difference. And it's for helping dogs!

I use Yu - Sensitive Skin for my dogs (especially Memphis with Demodex Mange) and I can't count how many people told me how soft their fur is.

If you buy from me, you pay $54.00 for Yu (Retail Price: $59.90) and $49.50 for Bubble Rice (Retail Price: $54.90).

You can order from me by emailing me at chetzyusof[at]yahoo.com (replace [at] with @). I will set aside the product for and we can set a time and place where you can pick up the shampoo.

Most of the time during the day I'd be at the basement of Doggie House Sri Hartamas. Sometimes, I'd also be around PJ, section 14, 16 and One Utama area.

Below are the videos if you want to know more about these shampoos. I got Mark Robert to explain each of them.

Yu Group

Bubble Rice Group

You Are What Surround You

Chetz Yusof On

I just added a post on my chetzyusof.com blog about the life lesson I learned from Papi. I also shared why Papi is at DHR Canine Centre now, his previous life and now.

Check it out on my personal blog. Click here http://www.chetzyusof.com

I'm very proud of Gabriel as he's so grateful and always wants to please people who have saved him.

In this video, he's giving thanks to people who have been supporting him.

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